SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash (Mint) 2x16oz (2 kits)

Code: SMR16-2
Price: CA$ 35.00
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Please note that one (1) order = 2 kits (product image shows one kit).

SmartMouth Original Formula Activated Mouthwash is recommended for those with mild persistent breath problems, and for overall improvement in oral health.

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SmartMouth Dry Mouth Relief Mints - Box of 8 packs

Code: SM360-8
Price: CA$ 25.00
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Manufacturer's description:

Get soothing Dry Mouth relief throughout the day while enhancing your clean, fresh breath with Smart Zinc and natural Xylitol. Sugar-free, portable and convenient!

Each shaker pack contains 45 Dry Mouth Relief lozenges.

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SmartMouth Toothpaste (2 units)

Code: SMTP-2
Price: CA$ 14.00
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New Lower Price - save $10.00!!

Please note: One order = 2 units.

Brush every day with SmartMouth Advanced Clinical Formula Toothpaste for smooth, clean fresh teeth. Premium protection removes plaque and strengthens enamel. Whitening power removes stains. Freshens breath with SmartZinc(TM).

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SmartMouth Breath Rinse Travel Packs (box of 10)

Code: SM-OTG10
Price: CA$ 9.50
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New Look - Improved Product!

Now you can take SmartMouth Mouthwash with you anywhere with the SmartMouth Original Formula Activated Breath Rinse Travel Packs. Perfect for travel, work or gym, these individual use packets provide you with 12 hours of fresh breath no matter where you are.

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SmartMouth Fresh Mint Trial Pack

Price: CA$ 29.00
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A great deal on SmartMouth products! One 16oz Fresh Mint kit, 1 premium toothpaste, 2 Dry Mouth Relief Mints and a tongue cleaner. All you need for fresher breath at a great price.

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