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OraVital CPCx Rinse 2x1000ml (2 bottles)

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Introducing OraVital CPCx antimicrobial oral rinse!

This Canadian-made professional product has been used exclusively in OraVital Certified dental clinics until now. OraVital CPCx has a light and pleasant minty flavour, and is effective in the reduction of oral biofilm and gingivitis.

The active ingredient in CPCx is 0.05% cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC). CPC is a cationic quaternary ammonium compound that is commonly used in mouthwashes, toothpastes, lozenges, throat sprays and breath sprays. CPC has a similar action to chlorhexidine gluconate in that it disrupts the bacterial cell membrane, and is active against a wide variety of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The clinical efficacy of CPC in reducing biofilm accumulation is well documented.

As an additional benefit, the natural sweetener Xylitol reduces bacteria that cause tooth decay.

ONE order = TWO 1000ml (34oz) bottles.

Pictured: 425ml bottle in front of 1000ml bottle.

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