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OraVital CDLx Rinse - Non-Flavoured, 2x425ml (2 bottles)

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Introducing OraVital CDLx non-flavoured and colour-free antimicrobial oral rinse!

CDLx is a sodium chlorite (stabilised chlorine dioxide) based oral rinse, naturally sweetened with Xylitol for additional antibacterial power. This Canadian-made professional product has been used exclusively in OraVital Certified dental clinics for many years, and now is available to the public. CDLx is highly recommended for those with mild persistent breath problems, and for overall improvement in oral health.

As an additional benefit, the natural sweetener Xylitol reduces bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Many of our clients with low to medium breath problems have benefited from using CDLx rinse as part of their daily routine. CDLx contains no alcohol or aspartame, and will not stain teeth or dentures even with regular use. It is an excellent, dentist-recommended alternative to CloSYS-II.

ONE order = TWO 425ml (14oz) bottles.

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