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SmartMouth Activated Mouthwash (Mint) 2x16oz (2 kits)

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SmartMouth's Original Formula Activated Mouthwash uses Sodium Chlorite (a stabilised chlorine dioxide) and Zinc Chloride in separate bottles that are mixed just prior to use. This combination of ingredients creates a safe and effective oral rinse which neutralises the smelly byproducts of bad breath bacteria.

Many of our clients with low to medium breath problems have benefited from using SmartMouth rinse as part of their daily routine. SmartMouth contains no alcohol or aspartame, and will not stain teeth, dentures or crowns even with regular use. Safe for ages 6 and older, and safe for diabetics.

Each SmartMouth kit contains two 8oz (240ml) bottles, two dispensing plungers, a mixing cup and full instructions.

Please note that one (1) order = 2 kits (product image shows ONE kit).

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